A substantial amount has been written about GDPR and its likely legal implications for organisations. In this ebook, we’ve focused on a pragmatic, phased approach to GDPR compliance that SAP companies can implement immediately with a minimum amount of fuss and expense.

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What this ebook covers

The Context

Read a brief overview of the legislative history of GDPR, who the GDPR role-players are, and what the main changes are that your organization should be aware of

The Considerations

Obtain clarity on where sensitive information resides across the SAP ecosystem, deal with the complexity of a 3-tier landscape, then gain other essential pre-implementation insights

The Plan

You’ll benefit from learning a practical, implementable GDPR compliance roadmap blueprint which is robust enough to be used across the spectrum of SAP organizations

The multi-phased approach proposed in this ebook will help you comply with what are challenging GDPR time frames. Download your copy now.

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